Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Feliz Natal!

Christmas at the orphanage was WONDERFUL!

All the kids slept in until 9:00 and then had a special breakfast of French polony sandwiches and fruit juice. Everyone got in a few good hours of playing and then for our big Christmas lunch Victor made his special spaghetti with taco meat sauce (trust me – it is SO good). Nobody at the orphanage had ever tasted spaghetti with meat sauce before and all the kids absolutely loved it. There was also an amazing potato salad and cokes for everyone to drink. Thank you so much to everyone who made this special meal possible!

For dessert, Erica Sue, who is a teacher at the missionary school here in Nampula, came and made Christmas cookies with all the girls. They had a great time baking and the cookies turned out delicious!

After that everyone went into our new living room in the boys dorm and sat around our little Christmas tree. Victor talked about the birth of Jesus and the kids talked about which parts of the story touched them the most. One thing that came up a lot was humility, which is something that often goes so against the culture but is a quality so modeled by Christ throughout his entire life, beginning with his birth. It started raining so hard that it was impossible to hear anyone talk with the rain beating on the tin roof. At least all could enjoy the cozy and dry living room in our brand new dorm.

Finally it was time for presents. Three different churches sent boxes with gifts to the orphanage this year and we wish that all of you could see the looks on the kids’ faces when they opened them. As orphans our kids don’t have parents and extended families sending them things. So when they get cards and presents at Christmas – it is a really big deal. They know that they are receiving these presents out of love and because someone cares about them. The kids REALLY treasure every little gift or picture more than you could imagine. THANK YOU SO MUCH all who sent presents to our children this year. You made their Christmas magical and we hope you can see it a little bit in their smiles!

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this post looks amazing i am glad you got all the pics you needed, the coments are amazing thank you.