Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Decorating the Orphanage

Gizela, Jeremias, VoVo, Merecido, and Helder painting, "Feliz Natal" (Merry Christmas) on a banner.
A Christmas Star.
Claudia, Felix, Leonora, Carlitos, Estela, Little Victor, Manuel, and Gabriel.
Helder, Salmon, Samito, Gabriel, Felix, Marino, and Belson.
Samito, Celso, Merecido, and Gil.

Christmas Caroling and Christmas Treats!

Three wonderful missionary families came over on Christmas Eve. They sang Christmas Carols and then gave each child a little treat bag of popcorn and Christmas cookies.
The kids LOVED it!
Merry Christmas and Thank you Missionary Families!!!

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Anonymous said...

good work wife the pics look well layed out.