Monday, October 12, 2009

Today's Event Watched By All

What was today’s big event, watched for several hours by the whole orphanage and much of the neighborhood?

A very old looking container has been sitting right behind Victor’s and my house (in the MIDDLE of the orphanage) for many many years now and today it was moved to the FRONT of the orphanage.

I know that a container being moved a few hundred feet doesn’t sound like something you would want to spend hours watching, but ANYTHING could happen so there was a huge crowd. The thing that made the whole thing highly worth watching to me was that every single job involved in moving the container (driver of giant tractor thing, driver of transporter truck, chain-hooker-upper, digger and scraper, and manual placement of container in truck bed) was done by one guy!!! It was like a crazy one-man circus but with a purpose!

Man driving tractor thing (Seattle people please notice it’s a Volvo tractor) and making it pick up container.

After leaping out of tractor and running around behind the big box, man suddenly appears on top of it, directing helper on how to hook it up. (That is the back of Victor’s and my house behind the container.)

Man runs between tractor and container-carrying-truck every few seconds as he maneuvers the container using the tractor and the truck almost at the same time. Here he is just having leaped out of the truck and about to run back to the tractor.

After driving both vehicles to the front of the orphanage he again resumes racing back and forth between them (here he is running from the truck back to the tractor).

After finally driving the truck out from under the container for the last time, he sprints back to the tractor where he will guide the container to it’s final sitting place.

And this is our new front of the orphanage landscape.

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