Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Construction on Boys' Dorm Finally Resumes!

Thanks to some more generous donations construction has finally resumed on the boys’ dorm!!!

We were able to purchase enough cement to fill up the orphanage truck. The cement was then unloaded into the store room in the cooking house.

Then tons of wall plastering began.

Smoothing out the walls.

Meanwhile back to one of the soon-to-be most beautiful bathrooms in all of Mozambique . . .

Sink-Installer comes with drill.

Sinks are now in!

Window-Bar-Maker comes with measuring tape.

Then he makes bars to go in the bathroom window (there will be good ventilation here).

Meanwhile Janete has successfully planted a little garden of couve behind her house. For the last two years I have been more than confused about what couve actually is. It’s the main thing that the kids always try to plant here and then cook in some of their meals. But what is couve in English? Finally today I looked it up in Portuguese Wikipedia and then translated it into English. I still have no idea what it really is but found that couve is “Brassica oleracea, or Wild Mustard” (?!?!) and is in the same family as kale, collard greens, Chinese broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and kohlrabi. Doesn’t that make it sound tasty? Anyway – it’s very healthy, has lots of Vitamin C, and grows well in this region.


Georgia said...

They are Mustard Greens! (I think)

Anonymous said...

This is the same thing that was handed down in the African-American community as "collard greens" would grow on the side of the road and you could just pick them. Of course, we made them into a delicious meal on the cheap...with sugar in the USA. :) Collard Greens at their best, but orginated in Africa I am sure. -Marvin Wadlow Jr :)