Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bye Mano TJ!

Tuesday was a huge day of sadness at the orfanato because Mano TJ left us after being here three whole months. I don’t even know where to begin in telling all the things that TJ did while he was here, but some of his roles included water engineer, fixer of anything, tutor of every subject in a language he had never even heard three months ago, driver to places most people would never even attempt going in a car or gigantic truck, hole digger, emergency latrine construction supervisor, Whinnie the Pooh reader, explainer of things like how satellites work and how to ventilate libraries, photographer, translator, English teacher, band electrician, host and tour guide to visitors from all over the world, water hauler, cook, meal server, preacher, African youth choir member, mentor, impossible internet homework assignment assistant, preventer of kids making explosives for homework, guard, explorer, Bible study leader, Michael Jackson expert, and tons of other amazing and helpful stuff that I don’t even know about.

All the kids came home from school to gather under the tree and say goodbye. Everyone was VERY sad and many were shedding tears.

Each kid gave TJ a final hug before he departed the orfanato for the last time. I tried my best to capture TJ shedding a tear but he was able to hold off all his sobbing until he got on the plane.

Thanks for everything TJ! Now everyone here is either waiting to hear when you’re coming back or waiting to just see you walk back through the gate with all your stuff.

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