Friday, September 4, 2009

Isac Pequeno, Canito, Estela, Ofeita, Belson, Mena, and Jose making little round, three-layers-high, mud cakes.

Our little beast Simba is fine and happy. (If you saw the kinds of hideous wounds this dog has come home with you would not believe he is still alive.)

The girls had a big soccer game, practicing for a competition at school. (In this picture: Graça (very far left), Sara (header), Leonora, Estela, Gizela, and Terçia.)

All the boys watched from the wall. (Girls playing: Graça, Anabela, and Nolita. Boys sitting on the wall: Pilonte (very far left), Mussa, mechanic, Martinho, Salmon, Little Victor holding Dorcas, Manuel, Francisco, TJ, Jordão, and Felix (at gate).)

Gabriel was the referee and instructor and VERY VERY serious about it. (Graça, Leonora, Sara, Gabriel, Nolita, Terçia, Gizela, and Ronilda.)

Estela and Virginia – two girls nobody wants to mess with, especially Virginia!

Victor eating sugarcane with a huge machete-sized knife in the kitchen. (Normal for him, entertaining to me.)


TJ said...

Why have I never seen that knife before? Hilarious.

The Kaysers said...

You would fit in SC with that knife! Love the Charleston shirt and a huge knife! is there a little red-neck in you? ha ha