Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brothers, Sisters, and Cousins in the Orphanage

VoVo, Gil, Janete (brothers and sister), and Ruben (cousin). These kids were tiny when they first came to the orphanage more than seven years ago. Now the boys are all teenagers and Janete is on staff.
We have 54 kids in the orphanage right now and most of them have siblings here with them. I always get really emotional when taking their pictures in their little family groups – especially little ones where there's just two of them and I think about what it must have been like at some point when they had nobody but each other.

Jordão, Dorcas, and Jose (brothers and sister). Our newest kids who arrived just a few months ago.

Ofeita, Francisco, and Atija (brother and sisters)

Dionisio and Estela (brother and sister)

Graça and Isac Pequeno (sister and brother)

Martinho and Carlitos (brothers), with cousins Anabela and Virginia (sisters) and Mena (niece)

Mauricio, Felix, Isaque, and Canito (brothers)

Merecido and Celso (brothers)

Cocas and Minoca (sisters)

Samito, Silas, Helder, Felix, and Ronilda (brothers and sisters)
Manuel and Marinho (cousins)

Pilonte and Rock (cousins)

Clara and Salmon (sister and brother)

Regina and Lazaro (sister and brother)

Terçia, Zaqueio, and Leonora (cousins)

All the kids who don’t have any family in the orphanage: Back row: Gabriel, Little Victor, Nolita, Claudia, Gizela, Sara, Filipe, Daniel; Front: (Simba), Belson, Canito, and Jeremias.

The photos in this entry include all the kids in the orphanage and were all taken this month (September 2009).


Sunny said...

I LOVED seeing these photos. Miss you guys....

Peter said...

This is the best post of any blog I've ever seen!!!!!! Gostei tanto; quasi chorrei!

Janet said...

Dorcas is looking great!

Jamie Bagge said...

Great to see all the kids and their names! They all look like they are doing great. Beautiful kids!