Sunday, August 2, 2009


Youth Day was celebrated at the Mother Church this Sunday. (Somewhere in this picture are Michael, Ashley, Jonas’s head, TJ, Josh, Filipe, Marta, Sara, and Victor’s sisters Artimiza and Carmina.)

Many choirs sang.

Then the OCC team sang. Two people with cameras ran up and took picture of them, which made the whole church laugh because everyone has seen American visitors taking pictures of Mozambican choirs but nobody had ever seen Mozambicans taking pictures of an American choir before! (Nicole, Michael, Ashley, Josh, and Sarah.)

The Youth did a skit on the Prodigal Son. I think this part is supposed to show what bad shape the son was in between squandering his wealth and returning to his father because the other two guys on the floor with him are pretending to be pigs.

Pastor Mark preached about how important it is to be the way God tells us to be in all the little normal parts of life as we interact with our families and neighbors and not just during the times when we are doing something spiritual. Victor translated into Macua.

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