Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dinner with Victor's Family

Back: Victor’s Dad Pastor Mocala, Victor’s Mom, Carmina, Estefano, Miqueias, Artimiza, Christina, Victor, Mr. Nichols, Sarah, Nicole. Front: Pastor Mark, Michael, Josh, Ashlie.

On Tuesday night we had dinner with Victor’s family at his parents’ house. Everyone had a great time and the food was delicious! We had chicken, beef, coconut rice, French fries, and refrescoes.

Sarah, Nicole, Ashlie, Miqueias, Josh, and Estefano eating on the porch. Carmina and Artimiza in front.

Carmina, Estefano, Michael, Miqueias, Sarah, Ashlie, and Nicole were outside talking and laughing and being entertained by Josh (who had more energy than ever that night).

Victor’s dad, Mr. Nichols, Pastor Mark, TJ, and Victor. Victor’s dad told his testimony and some amazing stories about what the family went through during the Mozambican Civil War.

Victor’s Mom, Sarah, Carmina, and Artimiza.

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