Friday, August 14, 2009

CD Launching

The kids at the orphanage are really really good singers. To make a long story into one sentence – the orphanage has a band, last December we recorded their songs, and this past week (thanks to help from the OCC team and many others) we had a big concert to “launch” the CD here in Mozambique.

After some final tiling, . . .

digging, . . .

“Joy Ride” around Nampula, . . .

awesome dinner with the Woodrows. . .

and rehearsal at church the night before . . .

it was finally time to load up the trucks and head to a theatre in town.

Arriving at the theatre.

Different groups practiced. (When people launch CDs in Mozambique they have a big concert and invite lots of other groups to perform too.)

While everyone else was (very seriously) watching the final rehearsal on stage, a group of boys were up in the back of the theatre trying to copy the ballet moves they had seen Nicole performing (nobody here had ever seen ballet before now). (Filipe, Nicole, Felix, Rock, Gabriel, and Jorge.)

These pictures can not capture how outrageously funny this was (so please just try to imagine it). (Felix, Jorge, Nicole, and Gabriel doing a big leg stretch.)

The OCC team performed. (Ashlie, Sarah, and Michael (Josh was playing the piano off to the side and Nicole was dancing in the background).)

The group from the Congo singing is always a highlight of any event.

Grupo Coral Tcharuwani was also launching their CD with us this night.

And finally our kids sang and they were amazing! (Jeremias and Ruben on keyboards, Gil on drums, Felix and Sara on guitars, Domingos playing saxophone, and Clara, Graça, and Anabela singing.)

The kids’ band is simply called “Banda Orfanato Evanjáfrica” (Evanjáfrica Orphanage Band) and their CD is called “Kinetta Na Yesu,” which means “Walking with Jesus” in Macua. They have seven songs and six of them are in Macua and written by the kids. I love the kids’ music SO much and their music has become beloved to the people here in Nampula. Every time the kids sing people here can not stay in their seats and not one minute passes before almost everyone is dancing down the aisles.

We are currently working on making the kids CDs available in the U.S. and will post information about it here on our blog soon.


Kevin said...

WOW~~~ no wonder why we haven't heard from you! Although i have to say...WHY DIDN'T WE GET INVITED TO THE CONCERT? Geeze. Would have loved to be there. Maybe next time! DId you guys finally find water? I have been off and on sick all week, Cami seems to becoming down with it tonight (right before our guests arrive!!) will try to catch up with you later. Peace. Kevin

momsi/Nonni said...

We are so excited about the CD and can't wait to get it here so we can share with others the kids music. Thanks for taking such good care of my boys and the team. John can't wait for me to come now. Maybe the US Momma's can come together next time. Ashley wishes she could come to see everyone(she was so glad to here from some of the kids). Neat to have Reuben write in English. God is so Good and Faithful. So glad to have the privilege to be a part of what God is doing through Evanjafrica. Give my love to all. Momma Nichols