Friday, August 21, 2009

Ann and Mike

Mike and Ann (my sister) are here!!!

The second Mike arrived at the orfanato he disappeared from our house and we found that he had gone outside and gathered a little group of kids to start the first of many, many games.

The first game involved throwing discarded tile chips at bottle caps. It became so serious that a white board had to be set up outside to keep score (with Virginia as the score keeper).

The second game is Ann's game (retrieved from her childhood) and is basically dodge ball in a circle – very wild and funny.

Ann's next game was jump rope. Ronilda could hardly even keep twirling the rope she was laughing so hard at Mike’s jumping!

There are no limits to the number of things that can be played with a jump rope.

Then there was Night Frisbee.

A fire occurred next-door.

When you see a fire you should go get a stick and then rummage around in all the dry grass right next to it. Why? Because if there were any snakes in there they will be coming out. Yes – fire, dry grass, snakes, kids with sticks, rummaging around, and flip-flops – all combined into a very appealing activity option.

A group of snake hunters (Mike included) searches the shrubs for snakes fleeing the flames.

The more sensible people watch from the wall. (Isac, Dorcas, TJ, Isac Pequeno, Jordão, Samito, José, Clara, Ronilda, Ofeita, and Ann.)

The snake hunters with their sticks.

After not finding any vipers, spitting cobras, or mambas in the bushes they give up the snake search.

But everyone gathered and ready with sticks in hand can not be wasted so they begin hunting for gigantic bugs instead.

Bugs like this . . . (Felix)

are supposedly very tasty. (Clara)

Finally after enough bugs were caught to satisfy all, everyone was ready for another gigantic game of circle dodge ball.

Claudia, Ann, and Clara.

Isac Pequeno fractured his arm at school today. They gave him this plaster cast at the hospital. He is supposed to stay in it for 30 days. Please pray for Isac Pequeno and the healing of this injury.


momsi/Nonni said...

Please tell Isac we will be praying for him. So sorry he got hurt. May he have a speedy and painless recovery. God Bless!!Momma Nichols

Georgia said...

I am so happy Ann and Mike are there. Did the babies come too or did they stay at home. The snake story is both terrifying and hilarious.