Tuesday, July 21, 2009


TJ a.k.a “Mano Tay-Jota” is here! After graduating from the University of Washington a few weeks ago, TJ got on an airplane (actually many airplanes), made his way to Nampula, and has now become a part of the orfanato for (at least) the next three months!

Filipe and TJ putting the finishing touches on their new house.

Since every nook and cranny of the property is being utilized while we’re constructing dorms, we really needed another place for people to sleep. We considered making TJ build a house from scratch (which he is actually capable of doing) but then decided it would be even more fun to try and construct one before he got here (starting from the very second Victor got the idea a few days before TJ arrived).

In like two days this went from being a rouge part of the soccer field to being a house! We are all calling it "TJ's house" and TJ is calling it "Filipe's house."



Round roofs are neat.

Nice weather.

The kids watch everything that’s happening and then make their own little versions. (Belson and Canito mixing clay, baking bricks, building walls, dividing rooms, and then putting on the rafters.)

The grass finally goes on the roof of the real house.

Meanwhile the boys dig a septic tank . . . actually Zaqueio digs a septic tank while all his friends tease him (“tease” in a nice way of course).

At the end Zaqueio is exhausted.

Everyone else is more energized than ever!

Time for soccer!

Whether he likes it or not, TJ's new favorite game is now soccer.

The septic tank digging was so wonderful that Victor had everyone dig another one.

This time was even better because the person digging was wearing a jacketless hood. Since it’s normally REALLY hot here, “cold” weather brings out the best outfits.

The girls painted the new house yellow.

Terçia and Silas relaxing on a very painful couch.

Filipe and TJ holding pipes that do not fit anywhere.

We love having TJ here with us and have been SO impressed with his ability to adapt to absolutely every single thing – even eating xima for lunch ten days in a row!!! We don’t know if he’ll have much time to update it, but if you want to follow TJ’s blog – it’s http://tjgoestoafrica.blogspot.com/ . I'm sorry I have not captured all that he has done so far in these pictures but TJ can "do" or "make" just about anything and we can already tell what a great friend he is becoming to the kids, especially the older ones. We feel REALLY grateful to have someone like TJ here!

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