Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunny and Peter

We had SO much fun when Sunny and Peter were here!!!In Chimoio we saw lots of old friends. (Larry, Victor, Christina, Sunny with Lisa, Peter, and Faith with Leslie.)

Sunny immediately dove into every conceivable cooking situation. (Silvia, Alfina, Sunny, and Dora making fried chicken.)

We got to spend (not nearly enough) time with Courage.

When it was time to drive back to Nampula Victor shook as much gas into the car as possible (very normal for filling up cars here).

Our trip went smoothly.

But we found an accident where a truck overloaded with people and goods had turned over. Peter got out his first aid kit and he and Victor tended to wounds. Some people needed stitches but refused to go to the hospital because they were scared since they had no I.D. Many rural people never get I.D. because of poverty and bureaucracy.

Back at the orfanato . . . (Graça and Dorcas, the new baby.)

Align Center

We watched Mozambique lose to Tunisia in soccer (sad – it was the last chance to earn a spot in the World Cup)!

HUGE cooking began, starting with Janete showing us how to make cassava with red sauce. (Janete and Sunny peeling the bark off the cassava roots.)

Yum! It was SO good!!!

Next Janete taught us how to cook this delicious pumpkin thing with coconut chicken and rice!

Victor's favorite drink in the whole world (which is actually just fizzy grape juice) can't be found here so whenever he goes somewhere he searches for it. He was so happy to find some in Chimoio!

Sunny led the whole orfanato in a tae bo leson. The kids could NOT get enough of it!!!

June 25th was Mozambican Independence Day. Everyone ate good food and then had a very relaxing day. (Tercia, Minoca, and Gizela.)

New little Jose is still mesmerized by cameras. Align Center

Some serious conversations happened. (Peter and Estefano.)

The conversations did not stop.

Meanwhile there was TONS of drama involving Simba . . .

Which landed him at the vet (AMAZINGLY there IS a vet here!!!) After roaming the bairro Simba got really really sick and couldn’t eat or walk or anything. We had to take him to the vet four days in a row for antibiotic injections and we found out that he is the biggest cry baby ever! Every time Simba would sit on the examining table waiting for the doctor he would start thinking about what was going to happen (a shot) and cry and moan so loudly that even people passing by would peer in and then laugh when they found out it was a dog thinking about getting a shot. Simba had to be comforted by at least three people the whole time!

Sunny and Peter did a health survey focus group with some of the kids. We learned a LOT from this!

The whole visit ended with an ENORMOUS egg roll samosa production and eating

Sunny made HUNDREDS of egg rolls (a Mozambican version of them)

which the kids folded into samosa shapes! They were like nothing anyone has ever had before! And they were delicious!!!

The whole orfanato went to the airport to see them off.

It was SO sad when Sunny and Peter finally had to say good-bye!!!

(Half of the pictures on this post are from Sunny's camera. Thanks Sunny!)


Anonymous said...

Christina, you are SUCH a great story teller. The visit looked so fun and the food is making me hungry, especially the samosas.


Sunny said...

Ahhhh...I miss you guys soooo much. How's Zimba doing these days? & How's little Jose? I want to sit outside of your house and see kids play all day. Ang...