Thursday, July 30, 2009

The OCC Team is Here!

This week we are privileged to have a team of very special people here from South Carolina. When Victor started the orphanage almost ten years ago there were several families who were behind him the whole way and have supported this ministry and the children since the very beginning. Some of these people are here for the first time this week and this is extremely meaningful and exciting for us (to say the least). On the team here this week are Mr. Nichols and his son Josh (Mr. Nichols’ daughter Ashley was the first Evanjafrica volunteer to come to Mozambique (ever) and is the one who actually helped raise money to buy the property that the orphanage sits on today), Pastor Mark and his son Michael, Sarah Bryngelson (Michele and Arthur’s daughter), Ashlie (who was here last October), and Nicole.

A few pictures from their first day here . . .

Michael, Mr. Nichols, Victor, and Pastor Mark discussing plans in front of the boys dorm.

Now they are discussing plans for a magnificent septic tank that will probably end up being more amazing than any other septic tank ever built in these parts.

Now they are discussing the tiling that is about to be done in the dorm bathroom.

Meanwhile Sarah and Josh begin Portuguese immersion with the kids. (I am not even going to mention TJ anymore because he has basically just become one with the orfanato now.)

Quite a few games of “rocks” (usually known as “spoons” when spoons are used) were played, resulting in some minor hand injuries and one rock tug-of-war (between Josh and Merecido). (Ashlie, Merecido, Nicole, Nolita, Josh, VoVo, Atija, Michael, Ronilda, Filipe, and Sara sitting in a circle playing “rocks.”)

Sarah , Jose, and Ofeita playing a more peaceful game.

Two GIGANTIC well-drilling machine trucks arrived!!!!!!!!!! The workers were pretty exhausted from their last drill so they parked the trucks and then walked home to rest. They will be back to drill THE WELL tomorrow!!! This is amazing for us!!!!!

After dinner, singing Happy Birthday to Pastor Mark, band practice, and dancing; Josh fell asleep sitting in a chair; Silas, Helder, and VoVo did homework; and Mr. Nichols, Pastor Mark, and Victor resumed planning for construction projects tomorrow morning.

The day finally ended with Jeremias, Ruben, Rock, TJ, Felix, and Carlitos working on science, and Sarah and Filipe (and soon everyone else too) working on language translations.

Actually the day didn’t end because even late into the night Victor and Sarah kept working – here they are soaking the tiles that will be going up in the dorm bathroom tomorrow.

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momsi/Nonni said...

Great to hear and see what's happening with everyone!! Tell all I love them and eagerly wait to hear the news each day. Keep up the good work...Momma Nichols