Monday, July 27, 2009

I wish I had nothing to say on this subject but unfortunately I have quite a few things to say about it. I have also been trying to hide this subject from anyone who might read this blog because I don’t want to disturb or scare any of you. But I can’t keep it in any longer! What is it, you may be asking yourself? It’s rats!!! I hate rats man! We never had a rat incident in this house until we put grass on our roof (not knowing grass is like a rat playground) and now we can’t get rid of them!!!

Basically to sum it up . . . a lot of rats live with us now (the real live animal kind, not the “snitch” in gangster movies kind). The rats are not scared of being seen by humans anymore. When we were in Chimoio with Sunny and Peter there were even bigger rats there and we actually witnessed two rats chasing each other around and around in circles on rafters above our heads – leading to a climax of them embracing in a wrestle, twirling around (as they hugged each other) and then flipping off the rafters, falling down below and landing in Victor’s lap. (This sent Sunny into hysterical screaming (and then hugging Peter (out of fear)).)

Well anyway . . . guess what! When we returned to our very own house in Nampula – I got to see another rat show, this time with squeaks too! I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen when I heard a rat chase approaching. There was TONS of squeaking. It got louder and louder until the two of them (the rats) actually APPEARED like less than two feet in front of me on the kitchen floor, embraced in a hug, twirled around in circles wrestling and squeaking, and then finally ran away.

After describing all of this to my mom on the phone (more than once) she wanted to see pictures of it. So I actually sat in the kitchen with my camera for over an hour, hoping that if I ever had to see a rat again in my life, it would at least be in a rat wrestle so that I could take a picture of it.

Well – I didn’t capture any “wrestles” but one loan mouse (a “rato pequeno”) did emerge for a few photos.

Here you might even think he looks like a “cute” mouse from a children’s story book or something.

But now he looks more scary, doesn’t he?!!!

Now look what's happening! (Don't worry - it's not the "cute" little one from the first picture.) (Thanks Daniel.)

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