Friday, June 12, 2009

Trip to Chimoio

Getting on the road – the road is nicely paved about 70% of the way between Nampula and Chimoio.

Mocuba, a large village in Zambezia province, looked beautiful and enchanting along the edge of a river.

The River Zambezi! The Zambezi is one of the largest rivers in Africa but the only way to cross it is on a ferry that only takes 4 cars at a time! Trucks can get stuck waiting to cross for hours or days before getting a turn on the ferry!

Sofala province on the other side.

The drive from Nampula to Chimoio was about 1100 kilometers and took us 14½ hours to drive.

We finally arrived at Simon’s house in Gondola (right outside Chimoio) at 9:30pm. Simon’s brother, Victor, and Simon talking; Alfina sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Three Friends from Nampula: Gracio, Felisberto, and Victor. Gracio and Felisberto are two young guys who became Christians through Evanjafrica after hearing Victor preaching in Nampula about seven years ago. They were in the group of the first young people to get involved in Evanjafrica Ministries. After discipleship training Victor saw great potential in them and sent Gracio and Felisberto to bible school in Manica province. During this time they felt called to different ministries. Gracio remained at Simon’s orphanage where he is still on staff today. Felisberto completed his studies at a bible school in Beira and is now the pastor of a church he has started here in Chimoio.

Felisberto, his wife Sara, and their baby girl Loide, with Victor and I at their house in Chimoio.

Sunny and Peter (my brother) are finally here!!! On Friday afternoon we picked them up from the airport in Beira and then ate lunch at the beach before returning to Simon’s orphanage where Peter has been coming for almost ten years now.

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