Monday, June 1, 2009

Dia das Crianças

June 1st - International Children’s Day - is a really big deal here in Mozambique!
The night before we started a big cookie making production. (Cocas, Estela, and Mena.)
I was amazed and impressed with Mena’s determination to do every part of the dough mixing on her own!
Thanks to left over decorations from the Christmas box from Utah the cookies were very colorful and extra tasty looking!
Little V and Zaqueio bringing water into the house (we’ve been out of water for two weeks because of a broken pipe somewhere in the neighborhood).
Hair braiding and coconut rice making. (Nolita, Gizela, Minoca, Graça, Silas, Terçia, and Anabela.)
Helder, VoVo, and Marta preparing lunch. It seems like they’re enjoying what they’re doing.
A visit from Dr. Ferrão and his staff. Dr. Ferrão is the president of Lúrio University – a new medical school here in Nampula. He and his family have visited the orphanage many times and they really care about the kids. They have given the children special meals, provided the teenagers with computer training, invited us all to educational events in the city, and sent wonderful visitors our way. For Dia das Crianças Dr. Ferrão and his staff brought cake, apples (a great delicacy here), orange sodas, notebooks for school, colored pencils, and a huge bundle of clothing!
The girls with new notebooks and colored pencils!

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momsi/Nonni said...

Looks like a fun time had by all. Tell all hello from the Nichols Clan.Mama Nichols