Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Week

Staff Breakfast

Visado, Helder, Daniel, Silva, and Marta. We had quiche, breakfast potatoes, cinnamon toast, and tea. Nobody had ever had quiche before – they liked it, were all calling it pizza, and thought it must have more ingredients than any other food.


There has been a lot of painting going on. After our staff breakfast in the blue room we turned it into the yellow room.

Goat Update

Sorry people who thought the goats were cute. (Helder and Dionisio cutting up the raw goats meat . . . yummy!!!)

Hanging Out

There’s always a lot going on.

Boys Dorm Construction Update

Finally ready for the roof!

Constructing and placing the rafters.

Older boys doing the electrical wiring. Felix is in the green shirt holding the hammer. Zaqueio is in the blue shirt standing up on the scaffolding. Zaqueio understands and is in charge of all the electricity in the orphanage.

The tin roof starts coming on!

Visitors from Germany

On Friday we had a great day with a visiting team from Germany. There was a lot of hair braiding, a very lively soccer game, a good lunch, and a massive amount of multi-language translating (Macua, Portuguese, English, and German) – very fun!

Grass Comes Off Tin Roof In Our House

I could make this into a ten page story but instead I’ll just try to sum it up very quickly: Tin roof makes our house unbearably hot so we cover it with grass. Grass awesomely cools house down by at least ten degrees, ends indoor swimming pool formations during rain storms and makes it possible to hear another person talking over the sound of a rain drop. Everything is fine and wonderful for many months. Then rats discover space between tin and grass on roof is their ideal climate/house/playground. Rats multiply. Rats stop being scared of humans . . . etc. etc. (If you want all the gory details you can email me.) Anyway - it suddenly became very urgent to get the grass off the roof.

On Saturday all the girls were inside our living room watching the Parent Trap when Victor spontaneously decided it was the perfect time to take the grass off (without telling us). One drop of rain on the tin sounds like somebody is hitting it with a baseball bat so imagine what it sounded like when there were suddenly 10 teenage boys up there dismantling a bamboo and grass structure. Every step they made resulted in a huge deafening crunching sound and you could see the tin denting underneath. All the girls looked at each other and looked at the tin. Outside the window we could see the younger boys catching bamboo sticks and heaps of grass being thrown off by the older ones up above. We started gathering up our stuff to go outside when rats started raining down from holes in the roof!!! All the girls are Mozambicans so they didn’t start screaming and running around hysterically but there was still a commotion and we all ran out of the house one at a time, dodging the debris being hurled off the roof.

I tried to take a picture of the scene outside but it was kind of hard to capture everything in a photo. I think now all the rats are gone.


Man using divining rods to detect whether or not we have water under the orphanage property. (There will be a big story about this later.)

Girls On Their Way To School

Terçia, Graça, Virginia, Anabela, and Cocas leaving for school.

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momsi/Nonni said...

I sit here in AWE of what God has done over these last years in the children and in the ministry of Evanjafrica. To see the Boys Dorm just gives me Goose Bumps and brings tears of joy to my eyes. I am always excited to see what God is going to do next. We love you all and think of you daily. May He richly bless you in the months and years to come. Momma Nichols