Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Few Pictures From This Week

Unloading Wood for the Roof

We are ready to begin putting the roof on the boys dorm. It was really exciting to get the wood for the rafters this week!

African Dresses

Anabela, Clara, and Graça

We are finally getting special outfits for the kids in the band. We took the girls to the market to pick out capulana material and then went to the same dressmaker who made the bridesmaids dresses at our wedding. The girls chose styles they liked from pictures. Now look how beautiful they look in their new African dresses!!! The boys (and Sara’s) outfits will be coming up next!

Workers Day

Mama Maria, Marta, Miranda, Domingos, Da, Daniel, Silva, Helder, Janete, and Victor.

May 1st is Workers Day, a big holiday in Mozambique. Everyone chipped in a little money and then Janete made a great dinner for the staff. Some of the kids were “mad” about not being included and tried to hide cooking pots and knives and things, which was funny to hear about.


Simba walking under a banana tree leaf.

Sometimes Simba can be really embarrassing! This morning I went for a walk and of course Simba came too. He is so cute how he always accompanies us out of the orphanage, but walking with him is a little bit stressful because you never know what he might do! (No, there are no leashes here. Well actually I did get a leash for him once but he immediately destroyed it and that’s another story.) Anyway, today everything was going fine and he was happily trotting along down the road with me until he smelled some of those little dried fish (the ones I wrote about not liking the smell of in a previous blog). Well Simba does like the smell of those fish and was immediately attracted to the neighbor’s little fish stand. First I hear a little boy calling out, “Ola!” and then I hear his dad screaming “No cow!!! Cow no!!! Cow no!!!” (The word for dog in Portuguese is cão, which is pronounced like the English word “cow” – and yes this is always funny to me.) I feel responsible for Simba’s actions if we’re out walking together so of course I apologized for his embarrassing behavior (though the man chased him away before he actually ate any of the fish). Simba is a very unique little dog because people don’t have pets here. Many passer-by used to throw rocks at him but I think they’ve stopped because they’ve finally had enough experience with him to know that he’s not going to attack them. I think people around here also give him a chance because they know he’s from the orphanage and see him walking to church with the kids each week. More Simba stories soon to come.

An Interesting Drink

I found somebody drinking a refresco called “California Pine Whizz.” I was too scared to try it myself but it smelled kind of like lemon air freshener but more chemicallyish (no, that’s not a typo). Hmmm . . . in Mozambique they have the “California Pine Whizz” fizzy drink and in California they have the “Mozambique Steakhouse and Coastal Lounge” (in Laguna Beach) . . . hmmm . . . very interesting.

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Ann Beurskens said...

Christina - this is hilarious! Maybe the most unfortunate name for a soda ever!