Monday, April 27, 2009

Scary Bugs

Bugs enter.
Bugs head to kitchen.
Bugs begin to climb.
"We should burn them."
Burning in the house is kind of scary.
This is why.
Just kidding (but I imagined it).
Bugs gone.


Anonymous said...

I love your photoshop jokes.

Mana G

Anonymous said...

I just thought of something else. This would make a hilarious children's book.

Mana G

Mabuzi Custom t-shirts said...

I always look forward to your Blogs. Might see you guys in August!!

Sunny said...

Your imagination is out of control...sooo funny!!

Anna Wohlgemuth said...

Muito Bom Dia Christina e Victor!!
Como vai? I stumbled across your blog while looking for something else..n i was overjoyed!! I am from Alberta Canada n I lived in bairro de Muahivire for 2yrs..2009-2011.. n a grande part of my coracao stayed there.. I visited Martins orfanato several times:) Como estao eles? I would love to 'chat' with you sometime if youre not too busy:) i have a few questions to ask:):).. my email address is
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