Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Dinner from Alzira and Santos

Easter Dinner was extra special this year because it was a gift from Alzira and Santos, our two young teachers from the orphanage. Alzira and Santos were kids in the orphanage who grew up, finished school, and were then accepted into a teachers training college. They graduated at the end of last year and then both got jobs as fifth grade teachers in a school about 70 kilometers from Nampula. This week they returned to tell Victor that they had received their first paychecks and wanted to pay for Easter dinner for the kids. They also asked Victor to pray with them and continue mentoring them. It was really touching to see how they expressed their gratitude towards the orphanage and how they feel such a sense of responsibility for using what they now have in the right way (helping their families, saving for the future, and giving back to the kids who are in the same place where they were just a few short years ago). It is really wonderful to see a dream being realized - to remember a child in a seemingly hopeless situation who has now made it further than almost anyone they had ever seen go before them.
At dinner Santos told all the kids what an important role they and the orphanage had played in his life. He said that through the orphanage and the prayers of the kids he had received an education and become a teacher. He thanked everyone for continuing to pray for him in his job and said he wanted to be the one giving them Easter dinner to show his gratitude.
Alzira talked about how she had sometimes found herself in dangerous situations, walking in dark places at night where people had been killed - but God protected her and the prayers from the kids and others kept her safe. When she faced serious struggles at the college she returned to the orphanage for encouragement and said that Victor always gave her confidence to return and overcome whatever was most difficult. Knowing that she was covered in prayer made her able to succeed and she wanted to show her gratitude to the orphanage by providing Easter dinner.
It's hard to even describe how meaningful it is for the kids to see two of their own come back and provide a special meal for all of them. Alzira and Santos are now amazing role models for the kids, especially as Christians who take their faith seriously and genuinely try to follow the model of Jesus in their daily lives.
Victor dividing the food, which was made by Zaqueio and Helder.Me passing out refrescos.Lazaro and Ruben sitting in the window.In the rondoval. (Alzira is third from the left wearing a purple shirt.)Alzira and Santos with Victor after graduation last year.


Janet said...

Felize Pascoa, Christina and Victor! Thanks for sharing Alzira and Santos' story!


ronnie barnes said...

Alzira and Santos! Congratulations. I knew y'all had graduated, but that story is wonderful! God bless y'all in your teaching and continue to protect you in Jesus' name. Amen.