Saturday, March 28, 2009

Visit from the English Fellowship Youth Group

Today we had a wonderful surprise visit from the English Fellowship Youth Group! A few weeks ago they came up with a project to help raise money for the orphanage and then spent a day washing cars and changing oil for donations. Today they came and told us what they had done and presented us with this gift, which is a great blessing to us! The kids got to ask them a few questions and sing for them too. We hope the youth group will come back again for some fun activities in the near future!
Victor’s health has been improving. Victor has been resting a lot and continues to get better. We can not thank everyone enough for all the prayers for his health over the past few weeks. It is evident that God is very involved here.

Victor giving Ofeita a ride on the orphanage bicycle.

He made me ride the bike too because nobody here can believe that I know how to ride a bike. I think there are some people who would not be surprised if I could fly a helicopter but are SHOCKED that I can ride a bicycle. This reminds me of the time Mama Maria showed me how to light a match – I guess it makes sense that she thought I had never seen a match before since I had never seen unrefined salt (and I'm not talking about "sea salt") or unroasted peanuts before I came here (you might think the peanuts still in the shells that you get at baseball games are in their natural state – well they’re not).

Francisco pulling a toy truck that he made from scratch.

Look – it even has spare tires!

Helder and Victor painting all the little boys’ hair with SuperBlack.

Look how cute Simba is with all the boys. And also – see the man standing in the background (with yellow pants)? He has made each one of those cinder blocks by hand.

The Boys Dorm continues to progress. There is a big porch, an inside hallway, and then six large rooms. We can’t wait until it’s time for the roof!

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momsi/Nonni said...

I am so glad Victor is feeling better. We will continue to pray. I love Francisco's truck. What an Awesome job he did!! The thought of the roof on the boys dorm makes me cry with excitement. Love you all, Momma Nichols