Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our “Indoor” Pets

Bicho #1: Bug on a Leash (The Ultimate Bicho)
Why we like him: He has a big face and he looks like a nice guy.

Why we don’t like him: He’s still a bug and he’s huge.

Note: Bicho is pronounced “bishoo" and means bug or beast.

Bicho #2: Pretty Green Bug

Why we like him: He’s green, he’s pretty, and he’s photogenic.

Why we don’t like him: We like him!

Bicho #3: Bunny SpidersWhy we don’t like them: They’re enormous, scary spiders the size of bunnies who run funny, keep changing direction, and are really fast.

Why we like them: We don’t. They’re hideous and scary.

Note: The more blurry the picture, the more scared I was to get closer to take it.

Bicho #4: BarataWhy we don’t like them: They’re cockroaches. They’re dirty and they can fly.

Why we like them:
1. They’re not Bunny Spiders.
2. As soon as they see you they run for their lives.
3. These ones are “wild” (not “city” or even “country” roaches).

Bicho #5: LagardijaWhy we like them: They’re cute, have neat designs, and eat bugs.

What we don’t like: They go to the bathroom on the walls.

Bicho #6: SapoWhy we don’t like them: They’re slimy and we’ve seen too many educational programs showing them eating or being eaten, magnified.

Why we like them: They’re tiny and a little bit cute (not magnified) and they won’t chase us.

Bicho #7: Scorpião

Why we don’t like them: Do you ever want to get stung by a scorpion?

Number found in our house last year: 4

Note Again: The more blurry the picture, the more scarry!

Bicho #8: FrangosFrango deciding if he’ll come in.

Why we like them: They wander around chirping peacefully, run away from everything, and taste good. It’s also really funny when you find one alone on your doorstep like he wants to come in but isn’t sure yet.

Those of you who have lived in the country might not understand this but I have lived in the city my entire life (before coming here) and to me it’s really wild to have chickens wander into your living room. I had also never actually touched a live chicken before (ever) and have been really stressed out when people have tried to hand me one (squawking and screaming, upside down, with all the wings and feathers flailing around) as a gift. Victor then tells them I have never touched a chicken before and they react like he just said I had never seen the sun. Then he tells them that in America people don’t know meat started out being alive first and think it’s made in cans. Everyone believes him because they’ve just seen me with the chicken. (Sorry for misrepresenting America everyone.) Anyway, I also want to tell people (to astound them) that the only place I had ever seen a goat before was in the zoo. But first I would have to explain what a zoo is (and then by the time I’d get back to the goat it would be overshadowed by the idea of a zoo and wouldn’t be so astounding anymore).

Frangos wandering into the living room.

Note: I’m sorry if I offended anyone by referring to some of the above as “him” or “he.” Yes, I know chickens (and maybe some of the bugs) are girls. Please forgive me if this upset you.

Bicho #9: Maria Café

Maria Café - Small

Why we like them: They’re not snakes.

Why we don’ like them: Look at their legs!!!

Why Maria Café’s are more scary than Bunny Spiders: They can crawl in your ear. After hearing this warning enough times I finally started asking people if they had ever actually known someone who’d had a Maria Café in their ear. Yes. One night a neighbor was sleeping on the ground and a Maria Café got cold and crawled into his ear for shelter. He had to go to the hospital to get it out. Yikes! I’ve found over ten Maria Café’s in our house, curled in a circle high up on the wall, so I always imagine somebody innocently walking around in their house and then a Maria Café leaping off the wall, diving right into their ear. But really – just stay in your mosquito net when you sleep and you’ll be safe.

Maria Café - Large (now too big to fit in an ear . . . I hope!!!)

Bicho #10 . . . the best bicho of all . . . Matabicho!!!Egg sandwiches, batatas fritas (French Fries), and apples for Matabicho!

Matabicho is the word used for breakfast in Mozambique. It literally means “kill the beast” (you know – the “hunger” beast – the worst beast of all)!


ronnie barnes said...

Hello Evanjafrica, Ronnie Barnes here. I just stopped by to catch up on the events of the ministry. Like always, i am surprised by new works and the progress of other works. I pray for yall everytime i think of yall. I love yall. Tell the children i said hello, and i miss them. I really do. and maybe if Victor gets a chance, send me an email sometime. also, i will be praying for Estefano.

Anonymous said...

Some of these beasts are truly terrifying. We used to have cute geckos in Hawaii that would leave droppings on our walls too.


Mina said...

i live in the states and i went outside and saw a green bean looking creepy bug.. omg i almost cried out of fear. i told my dog to please get it, so it wouldnt get on me. ugh! soooo creepy. i looked up on google green bean looking bug and found this page and picture of the green bug! creepy! lol.