Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Simba and Construction

Isac Pequeno and Simba

Everyone at the orfanato has now gone back to school as February is the beginning of the school year here in Mozambique. The kids report that Simba goes to their elementary school several times a day, all the children there like him (even those who are scared and run away), and everyone knows his name and calls him constantly.

There are beautiful rock mountains surrounding Nampula in every direction. From the front gate you can see one that’s called “Cabeça de Velho” (“Old Head”) because it looks like an old man’s head, lying down. In the early evening just as it was beginning to get dark, we (Simba, a little group of kids and I) went to take pictures of it. When we got to the wall Simba spotted a neighbor passing by, leaped over the wall and chased him down full speed. We were worried that he was going to attack the neighbor but instead when Simba caught up to him he began frantically sniffing his hands. The neighbor told us that he and Simba are friends, Simba likes to smell fish from the market on his hands, and Simba visits his house often. He had to lead Simba back to the gate to finally get away.

Luckily the guards had just come and Simba was overjoyed to see them. Simba LOVES the night security guards. Every evening when they arrive he races as fast as he can to greet them and then leaps around to celebrate their arrival. (It’s too exciting to even stay still for a picture.) Even though he sees them every single night (for like 10 hours) Simba is ecstatic all over again each time they return a few hours later.

The Guards and Simba

Cabeça de Velho. Can you see the “Old Head”?

Our living room when it rains. The wind and rain work together to give us a little lake in there about twice a week. (The wind blows away things covering the holes in the roof then rain pours through them.)

Boys Dorm Construction is coming along nicely.

Salmon’s Sketches

Other Construction Site

The Kids watch the builders and then make their own little houses with scraps left over from the big construction site.

In case you weren’t able to see the “Old Head.”

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