Monday, January 26, 2009

A Tremendous Gift

The mission of Evanjafrica is to preach the gospel and care for the orphans, needy, and widows in Mozambique. Our goal is to raise up children who will be future leaders that serve God by truly serving others. An important part of this ministry and vision is to have a really good and safe place for the kids to live with facilities and transportation that honor people who used to be treated like they were nothing.

As we had planned to build up the orphanage we realized that the majority of the cost would come from renting trucks for construction. Besides construction needs, we have been limited in areas of evangelism and general transportation and everyone felt it would be a dream come true to have some kind of vehicle that could handle our various needs. Victor and the kids have been praying for this for a long time.

This week we received a brand new Nissan UD40 truck and we do not even know how to explain what this means to us. To put it simply, this truck will cut all of our construction costs in half (!!!), will allow us to transport the ENTIRE orphanage ANYWHERE (!!!), and will cut out almost every possible (physical) obstacle to evangelism trips (which will be the primary use for the truck after we are finished with construction). And since we were able to purchase the truck new, it will last us many, many decades (used vehicles are in scary shape by the time they make it here - but a new one can be made to last forever). We can not exress enough how exciting and meaningful this is for the orphanage.

Our brand new truck is an incredible gift from a donor that wishes to remain anonymous. We thank God for giving us this great assistance from other people who are serving Him.

Please rejoice with us as we thank God for our new truck!

Picking up the truck at the Nissan dealership in Nampula. It took several months to arrive from South Africa.

He can't believe he's driving a brand new truck belonging to the orphanage!!!

The kids running after the truck in jubilation as they see it for the first time.

All the kids fit in the back at once!!! The days of walking for several hours, not going, or begging and barganing with chapa drivers to transport the kids everytime we need to go somewhere are over!!!

Inaugural Ride. The police even pulled us over just to enjoy the kids singing and to tell us how bonito (pretty) our new truck is! They were amazed and thrilled to see that our orphanage now has something like this for the kids!

Immediate first mission: Firewood for the cooks for dinner!

Look how wide the cab is!!!

Now that we have our own transportation we are expecting the boys dorm to go up very quickly (compared with how long the foundation has taken). Expect many construction updates with good progression to follow! And thank you so much to all who have been helping us for making all of this possible!


Kevin said...

Praise God! Wow, i am soooo you guys and in all the ways this will help with the 'stuff' you do, the building, the trips and the love it can transport! Bless you guys.

Share the joy.

Kevin said...

Ok, i am so happy i forgot to say HAPPY! HA>
love you all

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful truck...and you will put it to such beautiful work...we do rejoice with you.

uncle hollywood!

momsi/Nonni said...

WOW!!! What a Blessing...You sure look handsome driving that there truck...Victor..Thinking about ya'll. Ashley & her two girls just left after spending 4 weeks with us. She sends her love to all.She is such a busy Momma right now. Such a delight!! Take care and can't wait to see the construction. Love Momma Nichols

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that you guys got a huge truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what about not having seat belts for all of the kids? :)

~Martha Q

Danielle&Hannah said...

Wow, PTL!
James 1:27
Proverbs 14:31