Monday, January 19, 2009

Best and Worst List

1. Best thing to eat when you need to feel like you’re in an adventure:

Jungle Oats.

2. Best use for rubber bands:

Real home-made slingshot like David and Goliath (being aimed by Francisco).

3. Best way for 50 children and a broken chapa to spend two hours:

This went on and on for a very long time . . . you get the point.

4. Worst result of stepping in a puddle:

Matahwi-tahwi. (You're welcome.)

5. Best "Picture Face":

Canito, Ofeita, Belson, and Isac Pequeno after somebody tried to get them to smile for the camera by saying, “Show your teeth more."

6. Best thing to find happening five minutes after complaining that there’s no window in your kitchen:

Somebody making one with a hammer.

7. Best combination of people to do “trust fall” with:

Peter and lots of very tiny kids.

8. Worst place to eat if you don’t like herds of loud, aggressive, wild, mangy cats who will stop at nothing to share your meal:

Complexo Turistico Chocas.

9. Best kind of mini-dino to find in your sink:


10. Worst toy ever:

(Real) Dead rato in hot pink Barbie car. (Photo by Ashlie Rice - thanks Ashlie.)

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momsi/Nonni said...

I do love seeing all that's going on. May God bless ya'll(you all).
Love Momma Nichols