Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ashlie's Leaving

Today everyone at the orphanage is sad because Ashlie went home. During the two months she was here the kids got used to playing with her every day, voice class, daily ginásticas, girl bible studies and many trips to the city. Last night we had a special chicken and French fries dinner (with fruit juice) and watched Mighty Joe Young. In the movie there are a few words in Swahili that are the same in Macua and the kids were all laughing and couldn’t believe it when the actors were saying things like, “ayo” which means “yes.” After the movie Ashlie gave all the kids ice cream and they loved it. The choir was there to say good-bye too. Everyone here will miss Ashlie a lot. When we came home from the airport the kids were all gathered in a group singing The Lion Sleeps tonight and Hosana in the Highest, their favorite songs that they learned from her. There are lots of brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sounds mixed in, which always makes me laugh. Ashlie brought a lot of positive energy wherever she went as she always had a huge smile and was so encouraging and enthusiastic towards others. Her voice class was fantastic and there was always a lot of laughing going on, especially when she had each person go through the octaves with brrrrrrrrr’s. (Sorry if people reading this have no idea what I mean by brrrrrr and sorry music people for not knowing the proper terminology.) Anyway, thank you Ashlie for spending two months with us, being so fun and easy to talk to, being so flexible, and for enjoying the kids so much. I will miss not having another American around to laugh at the things that are usually only funny to me. And it is always a luxury for us to have visitors who can return home knowing what it’s like here – how beautiful and amazing the kids are, how joyful and adorable and optimistic they are, what their singing is like, what struggles we face, and how God’s presence is here. Thanks Ashlie!

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