Saturday, December 6, 2008

Construction Update (and Simba Update)

We have continued on with the foundation of the boys dorm and it’s looking great! Today we had several loads of filling come in and the entire orphanage busily moved every piece of sand, dirt, and rock into place. Usually the construction is being done by the workers, but whenever there’s something that needs LOTS of hands, the whole orphanage springs into action. I hope you can tell how fun the atmosphere is by the pictures.Nobody could stop laughing when they rolled a big log out of the way. And as usual everyone worked on into the night until the whole dirt pile was in the foundation. Then it was time for showers and rice and beans for dinner.


Meanwhile Simba finally got his rabbies vaccine on Thursday. At first he didn’t even want to be in the car but then Zaqueio got in he snuggled up in Zaqueio’s lap for the whole drive into town (I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of this because it was so cute). When we took him to the vet they instructed Filipe and Zaqueio to hold him down like a goat, which was both funny and sad. It was also funny and sad when he screamed the worst dog scream ever when he got the injection. When we went back to the car he was too traumatized to eat or drink. But when we arrived back at the orfanato he leaped out, ran three laps around the property, and then raced back to his puddle where he settled completely emerged in the water (except for his head) and began furiously drinking the water he was sitting in (I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of this either). I always wondered where he was coming from when he would appear soaking wet in the middle of a hot day and now I know it’s from this puddle. Anyway, the next time I saw Simba he was sleeping on our porch (see pictures) in the midst of all the kids. He really is a baby. After he got his shot he limped around and barked at people from wherever he planted himself (instead of getting up to see who they were), which was very funny to everyone. He also refused to eat chima or bread but happily devoured some left over cookies. In case anyone’s worried about him – he’s completely fine and happy and back to normal now.


bvdglvr said...

How exciting to see the wonders the Lord is doing with the orphanage in Mozambique. Thanks for the fun pictures! What a great,GREAT God we serve. Bev C.

Jamie Bagge said...

Haha! Simba is so cute!!! Looks like he got plenty of sympathy!

mamabrenda said...

I can't belive how different the orphange looks. I'm so happy to see how God is blessing the orphanage and all that is happening at Evanjafrica. What an awesome God we serve.
Mama Brenda

grace said...

Hi Christina!
I just got through reading ALL of your blog posts. Your writing is so delightful and your stories had me grinning a big grin! How wonderful the ways the Lord is providing for you and Victor and the orphanage.

A big hug from Curtis and me, and keep the posts coming!

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Fantastic blog!!
Send our love to Victor.