Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Party

On Tuesday we had our Christmas ornament and cookie making party. Last year (and the year before) Jenni and Corey brought the party to the orphanage. This year they (and their whole church) sent the party in the mail! We received four big boxes with enough construction paper, colored markers, glitter, powdered sugar, cookie cutters, and sprinkles for the kids to make all the ornaments and cookies they wanted. AND we have enough left-overs to decorate a cake for Christmas and make more cookies and crafts afterwards! The kids all made ornaments with their pictures (Jenni’s idea) that look so beautiful, and other creations (even a spaceship ornament – and I have no idea how one of the little boys found out about spaceships). Of course the cookies were a huge hit. On Monday a little team of kids baked them and at the party each child decorated several cookies with bright colored frosting and sprinkles. They LOVED the cookies. The kids even decorated a few left over scraps with pink frosting for Simba who had been waiting patiently under the table the whole time. A few of our missionary family friends (the Rogers and the Kerns) came and helped too, which the kids always like! In the boxes from the U.S. we also received little presents for each child from Utah and Seattle, which will be SO fun to give the kids on Christmas Day! Thanks everyone for giving us a great party!

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momsi/Nonni said...

Oh! They look GREAT! I'm sure it was a lot of Fun!!