Saturday, November 29, 2008

Look at Our New Gate!!!

On Thursday the welders came and began making our front gate bar by bar.
They came with long iron rods, measured the entrance, sawed each one by hand one-at-a-time on a rock (see picture), and then welded the rods onto a frame they made. This is yet another completely-from-scratch construction that awes me. All the electricity in the orfanato was going completely off and then on again each time they used their machine. After two days they finished the gate and little groups helped carry each section to the entrance.
These types of projects are so fun because everyone gets involved.
During the gate making we also had some pretty frantic driveway laying going on right outside. The road that goes along the front of the orphanage is always pretty busy and you will never be bored watching people pass by. Of course the person who was the most involved with construction was Simba. He attended to every empty cement bag and tried as hard as he could to accompany every single person carrying a stone, gate, or shovel back and forth to and from the gate. As it got later and later the sun went down and everyone continued working by the light of our car. I even figured out the night settings on my camera and got a picture of this dramatic sky above our house!

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