Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Huge Storm

To say that the rainy season started with a bang yesterday would be a massive understatement. Yesterday afternoon a monster storm hit Nampula and I think the orphanage was right in the middle of it. Besides huge thunder, lightning and wind, the rain was so hard and heavy that half the orphanage became a knee-deep lake within less than an hour and the road running next to our property was a gushing river afterwards. Everyone was pretty happy because the combination of unbearable heat and unpredictable water availability has been hard. Even though most things got completely soaked, the kids were all thrilled because it was the first rain and everyone was rejoicing together. The younger boys are all sleeping in the dining hall now but the older boys are still in tents, which look more like messed up sail boats right now. Because of some generous gifts we have just recently received we are actually able to begin working on the foundation again today. We are constructing the boys dorm raised off the ground so the kids inside will not be affected during the rainy season. In northern Mozambique – when it rains it storms. I think the one person who had the best time yesterday was Simba, the orphanage pet. He was just jubilant after the rains stopped and as the kids were running around in the puddles, he was the most glorious of all – racing, splashing, chasing, and being chased. When we tried to take pictures of him in action a little crowd of kids would stand behind the camera and laugh and cheer whenever he was captured. Our goal now is to be able to move the boys into their new dorm by mid-January. We are working hard to accomplish this! Picture 1: Rock, Filipe, Jeremias, and Daniel at their tents after the storm. 2: Kids running from the rain. 3: Kids in the water behind the girls dorm. 4: Francisco. 5: Nolita, Clara, and Mena watching from the girls dorm. 6: Canito, Samito, Salmon, and Francisco at the entrance of the orphanage property. 7: Kids and Simba at the entrance of the property. 8: Simba chasing. 9: Simba running. 10: Mena with her "baby."


Anonymous said...

I am just praying for you guys to have clean water in some capacity knowing what's going on in central Moz with unclean water, it's devastating. But I know you guys are used to it by now and it seems like you are taking it in stride, will lift up the orphanage in prayer of course.


Roya said...

WOW!!! It's good to hear that the kids took advantage of mother nature and had fun in the puddles or should I say mini-lakes.
I hope the damage was minimal if anything.
Take care!

momsi/Nonni said...

Wow! What a downpour. I've been thinking of you all a lot and wondering when the rain would begin. I will pray for things to run smoothly in the building process. I'm in Colorado with Ashley waiting for the new baby to come. She sends greetings to everyone.
Much love and prayers,Momma Nichols