Monday, November 17, 2008

Church Picnic

A few Sundays ago we had a huge church picnic at the orphanage. When it was announced in church that we would be having a “picky nicky” everyone thought the word was so funny since only the teenagers had heard it before. After church the whole congregation walked to our property, which is about a kilometer from the church. Though the weather is unbearably hot this time of year, Sunday ended up being unusually cooler (still in the 80s but wonderfully nice for Nampula in November) and it even rained a little. We were able to serve BBQ chicken, thanks to Ashlie who brought several large, very heavy bottles of BBQ sauce from the U.S. Nobody (except Ashlie, Victor and I) had ever tasted BBQ sauce before and everyone LOVED it! Janete and the kids made lots of cakes and we also had rice, soft drinks, and this special Macua milkshake-like thing called maheyu, which is made from water, sugar, and flour and a huge favorite here. A lady in the church made about a dozen enormous jugs of it and when we drove them to the orphanage in our car the maheyu splashed all over the place. I appreciate that Victor has about three layers of protective coverings in every part of the car (which is also very good for the many times people give us the gift of live chickens). Anyway - at the picnic all the adults sat under the cashew tree while the kids played with Simba and each other around the orphanage. It was really fun having all the church families here and we hope to have many more “picky nickys” in the future.

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momsi/Nonni said...

What fun! I love church fellowship is so good for the Body of Believers. Look forward to a picnic one day with the Body there in Nampula.
Love Momma Nichols