Saturday, November 29, 2008


Last Sunday Victor baptized 37 people at the church, including 9 kids from the orphanage. The annual church conference was this past week from Thursday through Sunday. Many people traveled from far away villages to attend and a large group slept and ate at the church. On Sunday morning the church was the most packed I have ever seen it. Before the service began everyone went down the steps outside in the back to the concrete baptismal tank. Then all the people being baptized lined up and entered the water one at a time and were baptized. It was wonderful and very emotional to see each person enter the water, especially our kids from the orphanage.


Age 14

I was born in a family that is not Christian. I did not know Jesus and I never went to church. When my mother died my dad had no job and could not take care of me and my sister. He brought us to the orphanage where people with no parents and those that are in great need live. It is here where I started learning of Christ and it is here at the orphanage where I became a Christian. The reason why I wanted to be baptized is to acknowledge to everyone my sins and my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ – that he exists and died for my sins and I am a new creature because of Him. After being baptized I feel very happy and joyful.

Grade 6

I became a Christian as a young child. Since then I have been learning more about God, which has helped me to grow. I wanted to be baptized to show that I had become a new being in God and that I want to continue to follow the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Age 13

I have been learning about the ways of God since I was little and became a Christian as a child. After being baptized I was happy again when I thought about the water and how my sins were washed away. I feel very happy in my heart.

Age 12

My parents were Christians but I was very little when they died. When my parents died my grandpa took me to this orphanage where I learned about God and it is here where I became a believer. I became a Christian when I heard about Jesus – I believed in Him. I have wanted to be baptized for a long time. I have been born again in my spirit but I wanted to show everyone my faith through baptism. After my baptism I thanked God.


Age 12

I have learned about God since I was a young child and I became a Christian when I was little. I wanted to be baptized today because I want all to know that I have repented from my sins and have a new life in Christ.

Grade 10

My father was a Muslim, but since my infancy I have been taken to church through the grace of my uncles who were pastors. After the death of my parents I continued to live in God and learned more about Him. After having put God in my life, in my growth it has been my desire to be baptized, for He has done many great things in my life. My baptism was wonderful and made me feel strong. It is a very great thing to believe in God and in Jesus Christ.


Age 14

I went to church when I used to live with my family but I never understood. After coming to the orphanage, through the teaching of the word, I learned about God. I wanted to be baptized because I have repented and chosen to follow Christ. Besides being baptized, my best experience this day was partaking in the Lord’s Supper. This whole day was a blessing for me.


Age 12

After I started going to church and hearing the gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ, I became a Christian. I wanted to be baptized today to show that I have repented. After being baptized I felt too happy.


Age 17

My dad was a pastor and I became a Christian when he was still alive. I went to church with my family and learned about God there. The reason why I wanted to be baptized is to show that I know I am a sinner and I repent and I want to follow God. I was happy after my baptism because I thought more about what it means to be born again and I feel this freedom.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to tell each Baptism story. What a great read!

Ronnie Barnes said...

this was great! its awesome to see the children growing and showing their devotion to Christ openly in baptism. praise God!

mamabrenda said...

Wow! It's always amazing to God work in the lives of the children. Give them all a hug from us.
Pastor Don & Brenda