Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sueli comes to the orphanage every Saturday morning to do a Bible study with the children. Where we live the kids are able to see people outside the orphanage practicing witchcraft and ancestor worship every day. People visit witchdoctors and use charms and spells when they’re sick, need help finding food, money or jobs, desire to harm an enemy, or even want another person to fall in love with them. Many people believe that the spirits of their ancestors will harm or help them and describe the experience of being “haunted” when they don’t sacrifice valuable things to the dead. These beliefs are so strong that you can find a hungry family with no money leave the only food they have on the grave of a relative to avoid being “haunted” or tormented.

In church on Sundays and in the orphanage every day our kids are taught that these things are false and that we as Christians are free from them as we are protected by Jesus. Because of people like Sueli, the kids are able to hear the same message – the Good News of Jesus Christ – again and again, consistently, from many different people. Sueli teaches new songs, helps memorize Bible verses, and models great Sunday school teaching. She has been going through the Bible with the children chronologically using a method developed by New Tribes, which she has found to be the best for kids. She has also worked with the young adults and staff, teaching them how to develop good Sunday School lessons to use at church. The kids love Saturday mornings with Sueli and we hear them singing the songs she teaches them throughout the week. Having Sueli come with solid Bible teaching each week is a great blessing for us as we have another person giving the kids a strong foundation in God’s word.

Sueli Potocki is a missionary who lives in Nampula with her husband and kids and has been in Mozambique for almost two decades. She is originally from Brazil and used to serve with New Tribes before coming to Mozambique with the African Inland Mission. Her husband Don is a pastor who teaches at the Assemblies of God Africana Bible School. He is originally from the U.S. but met Sueli here in Mozambique, where he has been a missionary since the 1980s. Thanks Sueli for including us in your great work in Mozambique!


momsi/Nonni said...

Thanks Sueli!! It is always good when the children can hear the same Truths from many other believers. Love ya'll,Momma Nichols

Kevin said...

Hey Guys! So glad Suelie can help out. She is a gem. Will call you this week to get together. It was great to see you sunday pm. OH, btw, if you need water, let us know next time...we have a big tank and nearly never are without....