Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Studying for Exams

In Mozambique summer and winter are opposite compared with the U.S. so right now it’s getting hotter and hotter every day. School ends at the end of October and then all the kids get to play, except for those who are in 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 10th grade. In those grades there are exams in November that need to be passed in order to continue to the next grade. After 10th grade you can enter a training college to be a teacher, nurse, agriculturalist, or almost anything else. Right now there are four 10th graders in the orphanage – Ruben, Carlitos, Lazaro, and Sara. After hearing that all of them were behind in their studies, Victor hired four of their teachers to come to the orphanage and tutor them. Now, for the last five weeks of school they are going through intense test preparations in Chemistry, Math, Biology, and Physics after school three times a week, here at the orphanage. It’s too hot to stay inside so their class has been under the mango tree next to our house. This picture shows the kids with their Chemistry teacher who used to be Victor’s classmate back in the old days.


momsi/Nonni said...

Tell them all I will pray that they do well on the exams. Study Hard!!Momma Nichols

momsi/Nonni said...

I just realized you said Ruben..
I can't believe he is 10th grade. I will tell Ashley so she can pray for him and the others.
This is great!! I love knowing what is going on.Blessings, Momma Nichols