Thursday, October 2, 2008


Besides all our pet cockroaches, lizards, scary bats, bunny spiders, poisonous viper snakes, bugs that shed their wings and taste like bacon, and tiny frogs, we have one pet that we did invite here. His name is Simba and he’s a little yellow dog. Less than a week before we left for the U.S. last May, Alberto brought him to the orphanage as a tiny puppy. I think he is the first pet any of the kids have ever had and everyone loves him. When Victor and I returned here in September Simba was much bigger and was barking at us non-stop until we gave him food. Since he is now in the wild puppy stage he never stops entertaining. The other night we had a really serious orphanage meeting and during one of the most intense, silent parts, Simba started viciously attacking a lamp cord coming out from our missionary donation pile. When somebody tried to get him he became obsessed with little Caneto and wanted to play with him in a big wrestle! Whenever somebody else caught him, he would roll all over the place and then start doing twirls and flips. Victor kept interrupting his serious talk to grab Simba, put him outside, and then actually barricade the door with things from the missionary pile (all while the whole orphanage silently waited for the serious talk to continue). A few minutes later Simba broke through the door again and started racing around with glee. He then chose different kids to wrestle with. It’s also really funny when all the kids are behaving perfectly except for one little commotion in the crowd and then Simba will be spotted sitting straight up, just like everybody else, in the middle of the kids.

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