Monday, October 27, 2008

Simba's Wild Play

Simba is the best, cutest, funniest dog and he is SO perfect for the orphanage. I’m sorry for putting so many pictures of a dog on our blog and I’m sorry the pictures are so blurry and not good, but can’t you see how great and funny his little personality is? Simba is the greatest joy and entertainment for the kids. And he LOVES playing with them. Simba has a stuffed animal lion that he guards but then flaunts to the kids. When the kids get the lion (or another toy that Simba’s interested in) they attach it to a string and then run as fast as they can with it. Simba LOVES chasing them and they LOVE being chased. When Simba finally catches the lion he does tug-of-war and then takes the lion back to his little sand hill, which is right in the middle of everything (so that he can see all the kids and they can see him and the game can continue on and on forever).

On Saturday I needed butter but the butter was frozen so I put it on a little ledge on the porch to warm up in the sun. When I went outside to get the butter an hour later it was gone. I thought somebody had taken it (maybe thinking that I had discarded it). I first went to Victor, who was digging in the construction place with all the older boys. They didn’t know anything about it. Then I went to the orphanage kitchen where they were making cakes for the church picnic the next day, but they didn’t know anything about it either. Then we remembered Simba, but he was nowhere to be found. I know that he likes to hang around where they dump (and later burn) the trash so I went to look there. By then all the kids knew that he might be the one who had taken the butter and they were all running along around me, thrilled and laughing and telling each other, “Simba robar Mana Christina!!!” (Simba robbed me.) This caused all the ones working on construction to stop to watch the commotion. When we got to Simba’s little place we found him lounging around and there was the entire block of butter (one of those HUGE gigantic blocks that are made up of lots of cubes) all mashed up in the wrapper. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing. I thought the funny part was hearing the kids using the word “robbed” when talking about our pet.

Simba is the perfect pet for the orphanage. He plays with the kids all day and he’s a guard at night. Whenever he gets wild the kids say he’s “playing bad,” which sounds so funny because it’s what adults always tell kids not to do. He is the first (invited) “pet” any of the kids have ever had. Most of them were very scared of him at first even though he was smaller than a shoe when he came. Now everyone loves him being here. We hope he will have a long life here at the orphanage.


Carol Wilkinson said...

Hey, Don't be sorry for putting pictures of the dog on the website. I think it's great and I look forward to hearing more about Simba...Carol

Anonymous said...

Keep posting about Simba! My family loves Simba.

Dan Taflin said...

I can't stop smiling when I see pictures of Simba! Dogs are wonderful - so playful, and they wear their emotions on their sleeve. I know Simba was God's gift to the orphanage.

Anonymous said...

Simba looks like he has a great sense of fun:)