Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Water

Please pray for our water situation. The orphanage gets city water through pipes that are often completely shut off for hours or days during the dry season, which is now. This can be scary and stressful. Right now we have not had any water for several days and there is nothing left in our tank or construction water cistern. The kids have been rationing drinking water and nobody has taken a shower or washed dishes in two days. Victor and the older boys have been searching for water outside the orphanage but this is difficult because everyone else in the area is in the same situation. They have driven around with all the red buckets looking for any place that has water and will share some with us. Even nearby rivers are dry (and extremely polluted) during this time.

Please pray that . . .
· the water will come back on today and then stay long enough for drinking, filling the tank, washing, and showers
· the nearest place with a well will allow us to use it if/when we need help the rest of this dry season
· that none of our neighbors will suffer because of water shortages

We need water for . . .
· drinking
· cooking
· showers
· washing dishes
· washing clothes
· construction

Please keep our water situation in your prayers during the rest of this dry season, which will last until sometime in December.

Besides the lack of water everything else at the orphanage has been going really well and all are healthy. Everyone is excited about the construction of the first dorm. We are clearing the land now and plan to begin laying the foundation in less than a week. We are grateful for all the prayers and support that have allowed us to begin building and eating well.


Anonymous said...

Hello you two, you don't know me, but I know your Grandparents Christina at my church in Los Angeles, they are like my parents for many years of praying for me through rough times.

Anyway, Victor we also have a connection in two ways. One I married a Mozambiqen woman named Carolina from Maputo and she used to work at Iris-Arco Ministries for Heidi Baker.

I am in prayer for you two, the 54 kids, and water. I wanted to send you the email to my friend in Moz/Iris Min that may be able to help, pray, etc. Or lead you to more help for your water situation.

Her name is Brooke, she is engaged to Mozambiquen as well, she's from New Zeland and was at my wedding, she's really cool.

Brooke Harris is her full name and her email is
258827854803-phone number
She is on facebook as I am as well.

Anyway, praying for you, going to write her about you and give her your blog. I pray you get this because I don't have an email for you.

Anonymous said...

Opps, my name is Marvin Wadlow Jr. How stupid am I, I was just so excited to be typing I guess.

Peace and Blessings


Anonymous said...

And I forgot to send all the other info.

Well, you have Brooke's info. Brooke and I are on Facebook. Her fiancee' Valdamer is on facebook as well.