Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ashlie from South Carolina arrived here on Friday night and will be with us at the orphanage for two months. Everyone is ecstatic about her being here. Last year she graduated from the New Life School of Worship with an emphasis in voice. Now she will be able to help some of the kids with techniques for producing the best sound in their singing and may even help with recording their music in the future. The kids have been enjoying a great exchange of games, words, and smiles with Ashlie since the moment she got here. They are thrilled with her Frisbee and have been teaching her all their favorite games. Ashlie’s flexibility is amazing and she is completely up for anything. So far she has already experienced matapa, Frango King, a quick visit to the village of Murrupula, a four hour Portuguese/Macua church service, transporting sand from the dunes, transporting rock being burned and chipped from the mountain, and lots of interactions with the kids (and with our pets).

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momsi/Nonni said...

I just heard this week about Ashlie being there. I will be praying for all. I thank God she got there safely and she will be able to work with the children on there music. I know that is a blessing.Hugs from all!!