Thursday, September 25, 2008

Revolution Day

25 de Setembro

Today is a national holiday celebrating the day Mozambicans began the armed struggle for freedom from Portuguese colonization in 1964. (They did not gain independence until June 25, 1975.) The kids were off school and everyone in the city was celebrating with parades in the streets, singing, dancing, and eating. In the morning a group from a local church came to the orphanage to do a program with the kids and then donated some food and played a little bit of soccer. For dinner we had a special meal of chicken, rice, French fries, and Sparletta drinks (everyone’s favorite). We strung little lights in the trees and ate outside after it got dark. Today was a good day for everyone.

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momsi/Nonni said...

Oh, it looks like a wonderful celebration. Hope one day to be there!! Lots of Love,Momma Nichols