Saturday, June 28, 2008

Peter and Sunny's Wedding

Peter and Sunny’s wedding was so fun. Sunny’s family came from Korea and friends from California stayed at our house helping with all the preparations. The whole week was spent making food for the wedding and our house was filled with people cooking without ever stopping!

The wedding was at the Good Shepherd Park next to our church. It was beautiful in the evening under the trees with all the chairs lined up in the grass, decorated lights, and hanging lanterns. Our dad did the wedding ceremony and Sunny’s dad sang opera. Peter and Sunny were very happy. For the reception there were candied nuts, tuna on won-tons, beats with goat cheese on crustini toast, beef marinated in kiwi fruit, prawns, Korean sushi, spicy meatballs, and a Mexican drink made from rice and almond nuts.

Peter and Sunny changed into traditional Korean wedding attire and then the groom carried the bride around the park on his back. Everyone loved seeing this happen! There was a marimba band playing music and some people were dancing. The reception lasted until 11:30 at night and even the clean up was fun!

Sunny had already been like a sister to us for many years and we thank God for bringing her and Peter together in marriage at the perfect time.