Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bug on a Leash

I was sitting in the entry hall in our house with the kids when Little Caneto, the newest child in the orphanage, who doesn’t speak Portuguese yet (he only speaks Macua and is from the “bush” or “jungle”), appeared in the doorway with some kind of animal. I screamed and jumped out of my seat when I saw it! At first I thought it was some kind of a rodent because it was the size of a fist. Then I saw that it was the biggest bug I have ever seen. It was so chubby and huge (and even cute) that I thought you could even make eye contact with it. And these little boys actually had it on a leash!!! They had tied one of its legs to a leash and were going around with it as if it were a pet dog or something. They loved to see it walk forward and they would go behind it with the leash. They would press down on its back and then it would make a chirping sound, so I think it might be something like a grasshopper (though it seemed way too chubby to be a grasshopper). I actually felt sorry for it because it was on a leash and then I was thinking that I can’t believe I am feeling sympathy for a bug! An actual insect! But it was so big that it seemed like a real animal or something! I didn’t know how to say “let it go” in Portuguese so I went and told Victor about it and he said that he saw it and made them release it. He said that eating one of those is considered to be a delicacy here. These pictures cannot capture the size and face and personality of this bug – but it was HUGE and chubby and cute and I think he was a very nice, gentle bug. And I think that we even made eye contact! Nobody here has cats or dogs as pets (except the missionaries). But I guess you can have a pet bug.