Sunday, September 16, 2007

Victor's Family

Victor's parents are Carlos and Ana Amelia Mocala. His siblings in age order are Madalena, Charles, (Victor), Estefano, Carmina, Miqueias and Heliane (twins), and Artimiza. Victor's parents were both born in Murrupula, a village 80 kilometers east of Nampula. They moved to the city after getting married. They were church planters during the 16-year civil war and survived many trips into the jungles and villages during the worst fighting. Victor's parents are pillars in the Christian community in Nampula province. People seek comfort and guidance from them when they are at their lowest point. Madalena is married to Lazaro who is also a pastor. They live in Cuamba in Niassa Province. Madalena is hospitable and loving. Lazaro is jolly and strong. They welcome visitors in their home and everyone is well rested after staying with them. Charles is married to Estalinda and they have a baby named Vana. Charles works for his uncle's construction company and helps the orphanage with building, maintainance, wiring, and many other things. Charles is loyal and Estalinda is sweet. Vana is loved by all the children in the orphanage who love when she visits. Estefano is an information technology student at a university in Pemba in Cabo Delgado province. He is gifted in computer understanding and he is fluent in English. Estefano is delightful and fun. He has many aspirations that we know he will meet. He helps the orphanage with every computer and technological need. Carmina is currently working for an NGO in the jungle. She has a witty personality and she knows how to take care of others. Her daughter Milena loves her grandparents and is also very popular at the orphanage. Her relationship with Victor's dad reminds me of Magdalena's relationship with my dad. Miqueias attends a school for agriculture in Nacala on the coast. He is quiet and smart and easy to talk to. Heliane completed her schooling and training to be an accountant. She badly wants to attend college but doesn't have funding to do so. Heliane is one of the most friendly and hospitable people you will ever meet. She's not afraid to try new things and she loves people. Artimiza is almost finished with high school. She wants to travel and to be a journalist. Artimiza works with kids, treasures friendships and is dedicated in whatever she does. Victor loves his family very much and I love them too. They will do whatever it takes to help each other in times of need. They are loving and hospitable and have treated me like their own daughter and sister.

In the photo above: Back: Miqueias, Victor's dad, Victor's mom, Heliane, and Carmina. Front: Charles, Victor, Estefano, and Artimiza.
Photos to the left (from left to right): Madalena and Lazaro; Milena; Estalinda and Vana

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