Monday, September 17, 2007

Christina's Family

My parents are Carol and Mickey Berberian. They were both born in Los Angeles and grew up in Hollywood. My mom's dad was a youth pastor at Hollywood Presbyterian Church when my dad interened for him. This is how my parents met. They were married in 1972. When I was almost five we moved to Seattle and my dad became the pastor of Elim Baptist Church. He is still there today and our family has enjoyed over 20 years living next door to the church. I love my whole family so much. My parents were always available and welcomed our friends into our home. They are fun and funny and they show how much they love God in everything that they do. My sister Ann is four years younger than me. Ann worked with refugees until she and her husband Mike had Magdalena. Mike is a high school math teacher in Seattle. Ann is compassionate and thoughtful. Mike has a great sense of humor and makes sure everyone is included. Magdalena is fearless and sweet and has named herself Mia. My brother Peter is two years younger than Ann. He is married to Sunny. Peter is in medical school and Sunny is a social worker. Peter loves Mozambique and has been visiting there since he was in high school. Peter looks out for everyone. Sunny is hard working and friendly. Everyone in my family has been so supportive of my life with Victor in Mozambique. They love Victor and his work with the kids. We hope and pray that they will be able to visit us in Nampula as much as possible.

This picture was taken in Seattle in September 2007. From left to right: My mom, Ann, my dad, Sunny, Peter, me, Mike, and Magdalena.

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